COS 224 - Administration & Polity

COS 224: Administration & Polity - Winter 2020
1/10/2020 - 1/25/2020 -


January 10-11, 24-25, 2020

5:45pm Friday: Worship
7:00-10:15pm Friday: Class
7:45am-4:15pm Saturday: Class



Syllabi will be available at

COS 224- Polity and Administration



Laceye Warner - The Method of Our Mission 

Lovett Weems - Leadership in the Wesleyan Spirit


2012 Book of Discipline*

 *Students will have the book from a previous class or Licensing School


COS 224- Polity and Administration

This course focuses on developing the student’s competency as an administrator in a United Methodist congregation.

Students will be able to:

  • Articulate a biblical and theological understanding of polity.
  • Understand and explain the polity of The United Methodist Church, including conferencing, oversight, and discipline.
  • Articulate the nature of stewardship biblically and theologically.
  • Identify techniques and develop skills as effective administrators of local churches, including financial management.


This course focuses on the pastor’s formation and competency in the role of pastoral administrator, with the goal of achieving a unity of doing and being. Emphasis is given to the development of administrative skills in keeping with the theology and polity of The United Methodist Church.





McRae Christian Center
Millsaps College
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