COS 322 - Theological Heritage III: Medieval & Reformation

COS 322: Theological Heritage III - Winter 2020
1/10/2020 - 1/25/2020 -


January 10-11, 24-25, 2020

5:45pm Friday: Worship
7:00-10:15pm Friday: Class
7:45am-4:15pm Saturday: Class

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James Tracy - Europe’s Reformation, 1450-1650

Justo Gonzales - The Story of Chistianity, Vol 1*, Vol  2    


Henry Bettenson & Chris Maunder   Documents of the Christian Church*

 *Students will have the book from a previous class or Licensing School



COS 322 – Theological Heritage III:  Medieval through the Reformation


This course focuses on major movements and events beginning with the split between Eastern and Western forms of Christianity and continuing through the Reformation.  Using primary sources, students will reflect on individuals, decisive events, and theological developments.

Students will be able to: 

  1. Understand major theological developments in medieval Christianity leading up to the reformation.
  2. Distinguish the theological characteristics of Luther, Zwingli, the Anabaptists, Calvin, the English Reformation, and Puritanism.
  3. Understand and articulate reformation era debates around justification, sanctification, the sacraments, and church unity.



This course is an introductory survey of Christian history and thought during the period of the Protestant Reformation in 16th century Europe and Great Britian. Focal themes are the concepts of faith, grace, and justification, with further attention to significant individuals and their contexts.




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